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Gucci (, GOO-chee; Italian pronunciation: [ˈɡuttʃi]) is an luxury brand of fashion house based in Florence, Italy. Its product lines include handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories (including jewelry and watches), makeup, fragrances, and home decoration.


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Training Manager (Former Employee) says

"forte cultura competitiva. È un azienda che non ha il minimo rispetto per le risorse umane che vengono mandate via senza validi motivi. Mai avrei pensato di trovare una così scarsa professionalità all’interno di un’azienda come questa."

E-Commerce Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The was not an enjoyable company to work. Every at the company feels that that are entitled and in my opinion the company is racist and so that is why I LEFT"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Bonne image Bien Équipe. Stress. ChiffreAssez d'avantagespas assez d'évolution"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Gucci likes to have their employees work insane hours, not expect much salary or benefits in return AND when you leave the job after years steal from you by not paying for your left holiday daysNon"

Inventory (Former Employee) says

"Your success only depends on what one low level manager thinks of you. The culture is changing and many leaders are good but they need to remove old guard. They have an inefficient old way of doing things and if you suggest anything that will improve their process depending on the manager it will be rejected based on their not understanding and wanting the status quo. However, there are some incredibly supportive and forward thinking managers as well. They just have work to do in improving the communication from the top down as well as communication between departments and position duties. The new CEO has had a positive impact over the past few years and I believe that they are trying to get rid of the old inefficient ways of doing things and change the culture to more forward thinking. I was shocked how old the systems and programs they had in place were and their processes were completely irrational but they had been done that way for the longest time and the management in place wouldn't change that as long as they were still there even if it wouldn't cost the company any money. As an employee you are overworked and underpaid and if you want to keep your position don't dare mention the idea of a pay raise or a change of position because you will be replaced. They also completely lie to you when they say there is opportunity for upward mobility.Employee salesUnpaid Lunch, Weak Culture, Employee Treatment"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"High pressure for making sales without the needed support for accomplishing those goals. Unbalanced work life balance without opportunities for moving up within the company."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The Human Resources department protects management from any criticism, including but not limited to racism, favoritism, fraud, lying, stealing. You should not only never work there, but you should also never shop there. The brand is for label-loving mindless followers who think a brand makes them better than other people.NoneEverything"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"Long working hours for no reason; Low compensation package; Tough and picky management style that want you to solve everything without giving you sufficient guidance; Management level love playing favoritism. Hint here: Spending more time to laugh at whatever your manager jokes about could help you get better rates on your work performance. Advice to Management: Stop using "fast-paced environment" as an excuse to make talented people frustrated. Just admit that you don't want to spend time to "invest" your employee. The turnover rate should be included in management's annual review as a key measurement. !Need to learn how to treat employees fairly!Brandterrible work-life balance"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"I believe the management team could use some prior experience in managing a team. Extremely outdated managing tact, poor skills set and mentoring. Consistently showed favoritism and did not show any care for confidentiality of team or guest.Decent wage if not belittled and duties taken away by managers.Company grew too fast for quality management team to be put in place."

Loss Prevention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management don't trust them. They will lie straight to your face, won't back you up, and won't support you in anyway to help you do your job. They let their favorites get away with anything while reprimanding other people for the same infraction. Lots of favouritism and unless you become a favorite this is not a good environment to work in."

Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management and HR are very close so if you report something to HR they don't do anything about it. Management don't want people to be promoted........"

Loss Prevention Officer (Former Employee) says

"I've been an employee at Gucci for 5 years. I was dedicated to the job. I had alot of responsibilities. Being in the building for over 10 hours a day i was able to see the Good and the Bad .. The Good about the place is the amount of people that shops there daily, including celebrities. The Bad is that the employees fight over sales all the time.. what makes things worst is the management doesn't care about who's fighting, all they care about is sales. All of these things make the environment at Gucci a terrible place to work..Great benifitsbad service"

Picker/Packer/scaner (Former Employee) says

"fue una bonita experiencia aprendi mucho... adquiri experiencia en varios ambitos .nos regalaban el cafe a diariotrabajo temporal"

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Typical days from my previous position started with long commute. Listening to voice messages from customers of complaints of how terrible they were treated with service from various stores throughout the states and how poorly manufacture product has fallen apart and how they need issue to be resolved. Dealing with immature staff members who gossip with immature manager. Checking emails from store management of issue. Ordering parts from Italy etc. Management was horrible, its was very personable. Certain staff members knew Management outside of work and gave favors. Managements verbally treated staff terribly. Difficult part of the job is not being trained fully to perform my job. Enjoyable part is when everyone is in goods moods to enjoy each other.Great retirement package and clothing discount.Health care, horrible management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management is very bad, the work is never recognized, you are expected to do all kind of work non related to your position. The pressure is very high to achieve the numbers and to take as many client data as possible. You are reprimanded id you don't provide a certain number of client data. There are absolutely no career possibilities no one is promoted from the inside. They only hire external people for any position opening. So if you start in sales you will never get the opportunity to go higher. The bonus is limited and you will not even get it if you are temporarily assigned to work to another store. In my store we were mentally harassed by the store manager people left or got fired because they didn't agree with what was happening but HR was and is still covering up."

Aftersales (Former Employee) says

"I had been working for Gucci timepieces & jewellery for many many years and in 2017 a new Manager Directer had come in and taken over. In this time he had made 2 redundancies and 3 dismissals. Managers treat you like cattle and only want new employees working there. The operations manager who interviewed me would flirt with female staff and touch their arms and other parts of their body. My dismissal was very calculated and i was never thanked for giving my all to this company for all these years. i have learnt that managers don't care about the customer service department and they don't care to improve the environment. staff swear and bully other members of staff everyday and managers do nothing to stop or prevent this and they even join in. you're expected to do more work and have more responsibilities than someone who has been there before you and are on over double the salary, so expect to do more work than others on a low salary. your discount card has a limit but you're not told about it so they can catch you out and they will investigate."

Connection Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You have to make sure you watch every step that you take and make sure to always look behind you. Be tactical and be wise in every decision you make walking into the job"

Store Service Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The management system is very backwards & upside down. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing because the company is a global company with lots of employees & various locations. They do not value their employees, they place under experienced managers in their locations & each manager has their own "take" on how they will run the store. If one disagrees with management, we're instructed to call Human Resources. HR, I have found out, is on the side of the manager & the company, NOT the employee. HR reports back to your manager, your manager then calls you "out" on why you reached out to HR & goes into retaliation mode against the employee, with no help at all from HR or district managers or anyone higher up. Their all about the money & how much you are making money for their store without a care about what & how these managers are disrespecting their employees, no one cares. The hours are terrible as well, there is no life/work balance, for the managers take weekends & holidays off when they are needed the most & problems arise like they always do with customers having various issues & there's no one to turn to, call the mangers they do not answer nor text back, it's frustrating & impeded my job drastically. Then when the managers do return, it's the employee's fault for not doing this that, this is after the fact that the managers were not present nor did they respond when that employee reached out for guidance for resolution. Really terrible sadly to say, too many chiefs!Health care plandisorganized management, required to work weekends & holidays, long hours, thankless, not paid enough, raises are an annual fifty cent joke, no employee recognition"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Parece que uno cuando va a trabajar en Gucci va a cobrar un buen sueldo, pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Los objetivos son muy altos para que los meses de temporada baja sea virtualmente imposible llegar y te vayas a casa con un sueldo base que no da ni para pagar el alquiler y comer. Muchas horas muertas de aburrimiento total. No dan formación y te prometen cosas que luego no se cumplen. Yo tenía un contrato indefinido y me despidieron de un día para el otro, sin darme una explicación clara. Incumplen el contrato. Me impusieron un horario injusto y no me dieron vacaciones en Agosto, aunque en el contrato especificaba que debía tener al menos una semana en dicho mes. Muy mala organización por parte de la administración, meses enteros sin reposición, inventarios que no cuadran, un caos total. Sólo eres un número. Te dejas la piel para llegar a objetivos pero no lo valoran. Encima tienes que soportar bromas machistas. No es oro todo lo que reluceNo te cansasTe aburres mucho, mal sueldo, no hay ilusión."

Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Job was solely responsible for one individual. There was no team work and management made work very difficult. They would not listen to recommendations and put so much onto your plate that it was almost unfair. It made getting your work impossible to complete. The lack of communication and leadership created a culture of blame which held no one accountable.benefitseverything"